Songs and Reality

Released: March 9th 2015
  • Side A
  • 1. I Ain't Ready (for your Leavin' Now)
  • 2. The Werther Complex
  • 3. I Lost the World to You
  • 4. Howlin' in my Ears
  • 5. Ain't No Thing like Judgement Day
  • Side B
  • 6. We're Nothin' but a Scene from the Books
  • 7. A Silver Cross to See
  • 8. I Must Extend my Time with You
  • 9. We Sing for Understandin'
  • 10. My Heart has Sunken
  • 11. For Grandma

When listening to ”Songs and Reality”, the listener is exposed to a diversive set of songs when it comes to instrumentation, feeling and tempo: There are short, hard-driven and intense songs, there are slow and almost chanting tunes and then there are a couple of naked songs with just a guitar or a banjo.

”Songs and Reality” is to me a very personal album that explores the relation between songwriting and the reality that is lived. Most of all I have not tried to protect myself in these songs, nor to put up a desired role. I have exposed myself in order to get so much reality as possible in the songs, and even the very few elements that are made up now stand to me as things that have occurred in real life. ”Songs and Reality” has in this way become become a grey area, or a link, between unrealizable desires and reality.” - Ulrik Merrildgaard


"Songs and Reality" is available on CD/LP at Target Records, as digital download on iTunes and up for streaming on Spotify and Wimp.

The album was recorded in Østbirk 2014 and released March 9th 2015 on Target Records.


"Der er intet som dommedag: Vellykket dansk americana fra 24-årig sangskriver."
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Bands of Tomorrow 5/5
"Når jeg lytter til ”Songs and Reality”, ærgre det mig, at vi I Danmark, ikke rigtig har tradition for at spille denne slags musik i radioen. Jeg synes nemlig, at hele landet fortjener at høre Merigold og hans yderst gennemførte album."
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GFRock 4/6
Merigold rider en tur ud på de åbne amerikanske vidder på Songs and Reality, en plade der udspiller sig i smukke omgivelser og har masser af, og på hjerte.
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